UPDATE 11/29

For those unable to attend or livestream yesterday’s town council meeting, the following highlights were recapped on Michael Zuccolillo’s social media for the public:

“We are looking at opening for re-entry zones 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 sometime next week…Biggest factor will depend on how this storm plays out.

In this same timeframe, we are looking at opening Pentz Rd as access for upper ridge residents as the snow season in Butte Meadows begins.

Schools are opening December 3rd. For those up on the ridge Cedarwood will be going K-12 until Christmas break so upper ridge residents won’t have to commute their children to schools elsewhere.

Also I got clarification on entry for business with a standing business that need 10-15 minutes to gather critical documents, servers, etc. so they may keep their business going. I have already received many requests for entry and will forward them on. If you haven’t already done so and all have a critical need for entry please forward your information to me at mzuccolillo@townofparadise.com with name, business location and good contact number. I will forward those on.”

***These zones affect Paradise Apartments (Skyway) and Sawmill Villas only.***


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