UPDATE 12/12 - Regarding Shadowbrook and Nunneley Properties

Due to the unwillingness of the town to allow any effort on our part to prepare for residents return, we have to inform all residents of the following properties of an update:

  • 443 Nunneley

  • 1077 Shadowbrook units 33-48

Even after we are allowed to return it will be an extended time before the property will be cleared as habitable and you will be allowed to move back in. The septic systems are damaged and must be repaired before the water can be turned on.

We are so sorry to announce yet another delay.

Despite the appalling and poorly worded promises of the town manager, we are afraid that you will not be back as soon as we all hope. Link to article (click here).

Please contact us at any of our office numbers or the email provided, as always we are here to help. Again, we are sorry. We know you are all rightfully anxious to return.

Thank you for your patience…

Stay safe.


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