UPDATE 12/14 - Skyway Barricade, Notes For Entry

We have been told by the CHP officers at the Skyway barricade that they believe Paradise will be opening in some form on Saturday the 15th. 

We will be sure to update with a time as soon as we hear. 

Please remember to enter with caution and use all safety equipment such as gloves, and masks. Respect your fellow residents and the properties, drive with care and always stick to paved areas when possible. When entering your property, we ask that you sign the waivers provided, one per household/family, that you assume the risks of entering a burned area and the dangers therein (Locations to be provided). 

We were able to walk some of the properties and appraise some of the damage, there are MANY nails as well as broken glass and other sharp materials everywhere. Please be careful when entering burned areas

For all move-out tenants, please remove all belongings using the dumpsters provided for any unwanted items (Locations to be provided). Please see below for updates regarding the individual properties.

Our home office phone is now up and running, so the 530-877-8237 number is functional again! We have hundreds of unheard messages and no way to know if any were followed up on. In an effort to keep moving forward, we are trying to go through and prioritize these. We would like to apologize to those who have fallen through the cracks. Please contact us using any of our numbers to get immediate assistance.


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