UPDATE 12/26 - Shadowbrook Refrigerators, New Dumpsters, Etc

Good Morning,

In addition to posting 24-hour notices on doors, we feel that given the circumstances it is best to also post on social media and here for tenants to see:

Beginning tomorrow, Dec 27th, 2018, we will be entering units and pulling all refrigerators out of units on the Shadowbrook Property. We understand this is short notice, but we feel that this is of the upmost importance.

Only our trusted staff will be entering units and only for the goal of removing the fridges.

If we are not able to enter your unit because of key issues, we will be drilling locks and replacing the door lock completely. If this applies to your unit, you will be able to retrieve your new key from the office at Shadowbrook.

All dumpsters were emptied this morning, as of today there is room for any more trash and debris that our tenants might need to dispose of. Remember, we ask that you be responsible for removing ALL items out of your unit, the porch area, and kitchen EXCLUDING ONLY THE FRIDGE.

Any items you wish to donate must be taken by you to a donation site in Chico.

Just to reiterate: Cleaning of the units by the tenant is not required. Just removal of personal items. Please be kind to the standing units upon your departure.

Thank you.