Update Jan 5, 2019 - Insurance Inspections this week

Hello! Sorry for the silence this last week. We have all been hard at work trying to figure out our game plan and take care of the properties.

We wanted to notify everyone that the next few weeks starting on January 7th, we have insurance inspections scheduled for all of the properties.

We are posting 24-hour notices on doors in the event that we are asked to open doors during normal business hours. The purpose of this inspection is to note any damage to the unit caused by the fire. We have noticed during securing the properties and the refrigerator removal that there is some significant damage to the windows, gutters, walls, etc. of some units. Our intention is to inspect how far this damage goes and formulate a plan for repairing it.

As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. If there are any questions, please reach out to the numbers posted.

For Nunnelley and Sawmill Properties

Penney : (530) 720-4960

Camino Properties

Patti : (530) 876-1944

Shadowbrook Villas, FEMA, and General Inquiries

Alisha : (530) 680-4853

Emily : (530) 966-6503