Big May Update! - Web/Property Updates and Thanks!

Hey there readers! Happy May!

We have received some really kind feedback on our blog and we just wanted to say thank you so much!

For this months update we wanted to say that we are getting close to completing some of the apartment renovations. We are super excited with the new odds and ends! The properties are looking nicer and cleaner all the time thanks to the hard work of our employees, subcontractors, and local businesses helping us.

The water is still an issue but we are working to remedy this and are optomistic. I don’t want to give a timeline and get up hopes but I would like to say, we are getting closer every day! PID has been out to collect samples on some of our properties and we are anxiously awaiting the verdict.

The cleanups are going very well, thanks to Universe. Even the air feels better with their work being done.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 6.03.59 PM.png

If you are excited about the NEW property we are STILL DEVELOPING…New photos are up on our Woodview slideshow! YAY! Sorry we haven’t updated it in a while.

As always any questions regarding this or any property, the construction, information on the rental process, or just wanting to contact us to say hello can all be directed to our email by clicking here!

Notice of Website Renovation!

We just wanted to give you a heads up. The Harding family has decided that in the spirit of trying to regain normalcy, the website will soon be updated. The photos of the burned areas, and all references to the CampFire will be taken down.

We recognize that this event will be a scar on this community, but we are determined to not dwell in a state of melancholy. It will always be remembered but we strive to begin eliminating the constant reminders of the massive loss and trauma that took place. We look forward to building our way back to a new Paradise which honors the old.

We Continue to Rise.



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